First Saturday of each month

Men's Prayer Breakfast at 8 AM.

First Sunday of each Month

Birthday Sunday, which goes towards Lighthouse Pregnancy Center.

Collecting for St. Joseph's Food Pantry.

Third Sunday

Penny Sunday which goes towards Inner City Missions in St. Louis.


Ladies Bible Study at 8:30 AM.



September 5

Revive - Paint a Mug 

Join us for breakfast and conversations  from 8 to 10 AM.

Revie is a "Mom" group for anyone who fills a mom role; biological mom, foster mom, guardian or otherwise.

September 8

Homecoming - Everyone is invited to come.  Worship with us at 9 AM with Jim Taylor preaching  a sermon that he preached here 50 years ago.  We will have a potluck following the service at 11 AM.

September 15

Bow shoot at Rodney & Brenda's

September 29

Sunday Rally with area churches