Frequently Asked Questions

How should I dress?

 There is no dress code.  Casual is the norm while modesty is the key. 

Do you provide a nursery?

 Yes. We provide a nursery for children up to 4 years old. It is adult staffed and has its own bathroom. 

Who is able and how often do you practice Communion, also known as the Lord's Supper?

 Communion is the focal point of our worship services.  Communion is a reminder, symbol, and statement of faith in the complete work of Christ on the cross as our payment for sin.  Anyone who is a believer in Jesus Christ is encouraged to participate with us.  In order to prepare our hearts for the Lord's Supper each person should examine his/her life.  We participate in Communion each Sunday during our worship service. 

What denomination are you affiliated with?

 We do not belong to any denomination.  We are an autonomous, self-governing congregation within God’s Church.   We do not have a headquarters nor do we have anyone that governs us outside of our congregation other than God Himself and His Son, Jesus Christ.